Economic Impact Report

Economic Impact Report 2019

Unlock the power of the local businesses in your neighborhood:

Postmate it.
We’re helping local brick & mortar grow.
Across the nation, when your favorite brands and neighborhood tastes plug into on-demand marketplaces, they're able to reach new customers, increase their sales, create jobs & reinvest in their communities.

By working with lawmakers of all stripes, Postmates is building public policies that protect the future of retail & shape the future of work - all while ensuring shopping local remains a way of life.
By the numbers
in revenue generated by the Postmates platform
Postmates isn’t just a burrito to your doorstep on a lazy Sunday, or even a delivery of health products to your aging parent. When you Postmate it, you are helping to spur employment and job growth in your local community. Your purchase is an investment in your neighborhood’s local brands and small storefronts to help them level the playing field and compete against big box retailers and chains.
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By the numbers
earned by Postmates couriers
In 2018, Postmates expanded service to over 1,900 new cities, increasing our coverage to 70% of all U.S. households. By empowering more communities to sell even more goods faster than ever before, sales increased by 61% across the platform, which rippled through local economies, fueling retail, earnings, and employment growth.
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By the numbers
faster merchant growth for Postmates Partners
Our Workforce
Half of Americans cannot afford a $400 unexpected medical bill or emergency expense. Across Postmates markets, courier earnings increased 43%, and 75% use these flexible earnings to supplement incomes. That means more capital to invest in their own dreams, remain in control of their futures, and pay down debt.
Small Business
On-demand technology fuels small business growth by reaching new customers, boosting revenue, and increasing overall volume. This growth means businesses can hire more personnel to manage the front & back of the house.
By the numbers
in economic activity
Food Deserts
We’re helping remove barriers that prevent food desert* residents and families from accessing fresh, quality foods. With about 23.5 million American living in food deserts, our on-demand technology is making a difference, by quickly reaching these isolated communities and ensuring that access to food is a right, not just a privilege.
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Take a deeper dive into Postmates’ regional and national economic impact. View our methodology and the sentiments of businesses and workers operating in on-demand marketplaces.