Economic Impact Report
Our Workforce
Half of Americans cannot afford a $400 unexpected medical bill or emergency expense. Across Postmates markets, courier earnings increased 43%, and 75% use these flexible earnings to supplement incomes. That means more capital to invest in their own dreams, remain in control of their futures, and pay down debt.
By the numbers
in Postmates courier earnings
growth in the Postmates workforce since 2017
work 3-5 hours/week on these platforms
enjoy schedule flexibility
view gig working as supplemental income
“Postmates allows me to make money anytime, anywhere. And I can’t think of anything that’s as flexible.”
Olive Hui
average hourly Postmates gig worker earnings (144% more than federal minimum wage)
use Postmates gig work to pay emergency or unexpected expenses
feel it was easy to start gig working
feel empowered
used earnings from Postmates gigs for a family emergency
pay essential bills with earnings from Postmates gigs
say they can enjoy more fun/recreation by gig working
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